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Top 5 Crypto Trading Journals

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Top 5 Crypto Trading Journals

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The rationale behind keeping a crypto trading journal is to track the performance and logic behind all your trade, in effect, justifying every move. A crypto trading journal is a record that includes the details of all the trades you execute and the motivations behind them. They help you keep track of your trade analysis and performance. This app was created out of frustration from a lack of tools available for planning crypto trades. We wanted something simple enough to log transactions with the minimal inputs, advanced enough to help analyze and maximize profits, yet flexible enough to adapt to any number of different workflows.

In addition, a consistent strategy will help you stay focused in different market situations. Meticulously recording your trades, calculations, and moves during a trade will help you have detailed notes. You can use the detailed notes to form a robust framework for your trading strategy. This framework can determine your trade success and help you avoid making inconsistent moves. We introduce people to the world of trading currencies, both fiat and crypto, through our non-drowsy educational content and tools.

  • This is much more than I could ever do with all the statistics and details, which is super helpful.
  • It is highly customizable and includes everything a trader needs to journal efficiently.
  • Import trades directly from exchanges or just add them the old way.
  • Keep a detailed record of your Profit and Loss, Return on investment and asset distribution.
  • In this post we go through the best free trading journals that can be used to track and improve your trading whether you are trading stocks, cryptocurrencies or Forex.

If you’re an Excel wonk, you might find it super simple to build your own custom journal that precisely fits your needs. Notes – Not necessarily a variable, but writing notes when reflecting on the trade is important to help you learn from each trade. What went right, what didn’t, what you were thinking when buying, selling, and so on are all examples of what can be journaled. Mistake tracking is one of the more underused, yet very powerful variables. By logging mistakes, you force yourself to replay the trade in your mind and reflect back on what went right and/or wrong. With commissions factored in, my net return was a whopping +$86.37.

What Is a Trading Journal?

Since you would be able to see the trigger behind every trade you take, you can use the information to correct yourself and reinforce better trading decisions. Lewis is a software engineer with degrees in computer science and economics. When he’s not working with charitable organizations, you may find him winning professional billiard championships. Locate new & trending coins with intelligent market indicators and timely updates. Journaling is a process that seems to be required in most professions, not just in the trading world.


In his book Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, Van Tharp advocates finding the right strategy for you. The more you test different strategies and learn about yourself, the more successful you will be over time. You can improve your success rate and ultimately make more money from your investing if you put in the time to conduct post-trade analysis. Trademetria is very basic as far as what data is tracked and what you can analyze, but it is easy to use and covers the foundation components of a reliable trading journal. I personally use TraderSync for my trading journal, because of a fantastic design that is very easy to use and a slew of features and functionality that easily beat the competition. And if you’re feeling lazy, you can opt to have a standard R .

Edgewonk works for all markets and all currencies.

In the same line, Chen et al. analyze the influence of fear sentiment on bitcoin prices and show that an increase in coronavirus fear has led to negative returns and high trading volume. The authors conclude that during times of market distress (e.g., during the coronavirus pandemic), bitcoin acts more like other financial assets do—it does not serve as a safe haven. In another related strand of literature, several authors have directly studied the market efficiency of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin.

Binance Sees $2 Billion in Outflows as Troubles Compound – The Wall Street Journal

Binance Sees $2 Billion in Outflows as Troubles Compound.

Posted: Wed, 29 Mar 2023 15:35:00 GMT [source]

If our 100 shares of stock we bought at $100 reaches our $110 target price and we sell our full position to lock in profits, then we would realize a return of +$1,000 ($10 per share x 100 shares). To track my progress, I started each strategy as “1.0”, then updated the trade tag each time I made a new rule adjustment so I could see how I improved over time. More specifically, I started with “DayTrading 1.0”, then updated it to “DayTrading 2.0,” and so on. Tagging your trades means marking the strategy you used to make the trade.

Build your own trading journal using Excel

In the last three years, there has been an increasing interest on forecasting and profiting from cryptocurrencies with ML techniques. Table 1 summarizes several of those papers, presented in chronological order since the work of Madan et al. , which, to the best of our knowledge, is one of the first works to address this issue. We do not intend to provide a complete list of papers for this strand of literature; instead, our aim is to contextualize our research and to highlight its main contributions. For a comprehensive survey on cryptocurrency trading and many more references on ML trading, see, for example, Fang et al. . setups will be used for filtering, analsysis and keeping track on how well you execute your trades. Custom metrics will be used for filtering, analysis and keeping track on how well you execute your trades. Use our advanced filtering tot filter your trading results on just about anything you can think off.

Every user has to pay a subscription fee, depending on the chosen plan, i.e., monthly, 3-months, or annual. Additionally, the platform is not as robust and reliable as the web copy purports. You are likely to experience some downtime, especially in the registration phase. Mr. Sun is pushing the Beijing-founded company to win customers in Hong Kong and China, despite a ban on crypto trading in the mainland that forced Huobi to stop accepting business from there. Account on the Binance exchange and three minutes of your time to create an Api key. The Crypto TJS is included in the TJS “All-markets” version, or can be purchased separately as a standalone product.

Hong Kong’s Crypto Ambitions Get a Boost From U.S. Crackdown – The Wall Street Journal

Hong Kong’s Crypto Ambitions Get a Boost From U.S. Crackdown.

Posted: Sat, 01 Apr 2023 15:00:00 GMT [source]

Automatically groups your partial trades to easily visualize and add trade management notes. Create various trading scenarios based on your trading journal data, allowing you to quickly find your edge. Start recording your trades with TraderSync and let our powerful journaling show you the path to minimize your mistakes. Our trading journal software identifies patterns in your trading and reports them back to you. You can use these patterns to help you determine what is working and not for you.

That way, you can spot patterns related to the success of your trades and their reliance on your emotions and psychological states. Stablecoins have accelerated crypto adoption thanks to their ability to address the high volatility of cryptocurrencies by pegging to fiat currencies. USDT is a stablecoin that has its price pegged to the US dollar, and token holders can lend it to earn interest rates that are much higher than the APYs offered in traditional money markets. Crypto lending is one way to earn yield from cryptocurrencies, while minimizing your risk. Lending rates vary, so researching platforms is an important first step. Create new journals with just one click and track all your different trading accounts.

(for other applications of the Parkinson estimator to cryptocurrencies see, for example, Sebastião et al. 2017 and Koutmos 2018). Thank you for being so generous as to provide a free journal! However, when I open the download it says there is an error. It will open but the Net P&L and Gross P&L show a formula error.

He started trading forex five years ago, and not long after that, he picked up interest in the crypto and blockchain systems. He has been a writer since 2019, and his experience in the Fintech industry has inspired most of his articles. When Temitope is not writing, he takes his time to learn new things and also loves to visit new places. View reports on setups, mistakes, monthly, weekly, price range, volume and more. Our reports are very easy to understand yet powerful enough to the point that you can apply filters to the minimum detail.

In this guide, you will learn more about the top ten all-time Initial Coin Offerings, rated by overall investment performance. Our editors rate and review the top tokens and staking platforms weekly, keeping this chart your best source of information on best staking tokens and best staking rates. Do you have some stablecoins you’d like to stake for some decent returns? We take a look at the best stablecoin lending services and interest rates. Advanced Analytics Over 15 analytical charts break down every aspect of your trading performance.

If you tighten your take crypto trading journals your win rate will go up but your expectancy is going to drop. The journal is very easy to use once you understand a few of the definitions and features. These inputs are optional depending on what you want to track.


This tool enables you to track your performance and the lessons learned from trading. Thereafter, on your open position, CMM prompts you to enter the target price and your confidence level. You can also upload a screenshot of the candlestick chart from your exchange that informed the target price and tag the screenshot with a reason for the trade. On the backend, this and other tags are used to create tag-based graphs summarizing all transactions made using the reason mentioned in each tag. Below this, a trader should list the crypto wallets they are using, the amount of each coin they have and their values, which can be calculated and refreshed with a formula.

For example, you won’t have access to the advanced charting and analytics features, and you will have a cap of 100 trade inputs per month. However, it is a way better and more convenient tool than keeping your trade history on an Excel spreadsheet, for example. We can even say that it was at the core of shaping the niche. We should say, though, that its functionalities aren’t as advanced as the ones of EdgeWonk. The downside is it doesn’t support as many trade platforms and brokers as other solutions on the market for automated imports. The USDC stablecoin reduces risk of crypto volatility, and lending services offer better rates than traditional money markets.

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