Smart Product

Smart Product

We all aware the next generation of all Products is going to come with more Smartness, so we have made a bunch of teams develop smart Products in the home segment. Our innovation team has developed smart products, which is going to disrupt the Home segments, These Products are different from the product available in the market with more added advantages and more features.

Smart product means it should be controlled through voice as well as mobile Application and monitored remotely. Oh Yes, we too have done in our product, but we think real smart is that it should reduce operating cost, saves time, saves energy, green revolution, more user friendly, etc.

We have developed the Most robust cloud Platform and all devices once powered ON can be registered to the cloud and onboarded automatically.

All products can be Monitored, controlled using a single Mobile Application. Customers can get alert, Notification, etc. based on the power consumption, energy savings, and usage of the device.

All products are interoperable, irrespective of the OEM’S. Brainchild Platform can connect the OEM’s to the end customers directly for AMC, Customer can give direct feedback to the OEM’S about the product. A consumer can compare their Monthly billing/energy/water/Gas usage wrt to each appliance and take insight action accordingly. Digital Marketing such as Push Notification, Offers, Discounts on each product can be categorized and sent to Customers.

Our Smart Products

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    • Smart BLDC FAN
    • Smart Switches
    • Smart PIR Detector
    • Smart Plugs
    • Smart Geyser
    • Smart Wash Commode
    • Smart IR-Blaster
    • Smart Speaker
    • Smart Sofa
    • Smart Oven
    • Smart Coffee maker
    • Smart Water Purifier
    • Smart Chimneys
    • Smart Camera
    • Smart IR-Blaster.

We are Looking for OEM’s who believes Smart product is going to disrupt the Home segments and aggressively want to penetrate in the Home segment market by introducing our smart product.

What we offer

A one-stop-shop for all your smart home technology needs
Our technology Provide Top-notch solution at the same time make your home more secure, which means all devices are connected and configured securely, more energy savings, means easy ROI.
Customized Technology Integration
Products can be designed using various technology customization like Zigbee, Ble, WIFI, 4G based on the Manufacturer's needs. All smart devices can have inbuilt Alexa and Google enabled, or Compatible with Alexa and Google voice support is also Possible.
Multi Brand Interoperable
We have built a unique Cloud Platform where Multiple Brands can be onboarded and the customer has a single mobile application to Operate, control, and monitor multi-brand.

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