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Innovative Electronic Control Systems

We are the pioneers when it comes to developing Connected Hot & Cold Beverage Vending Machines with AI- Face recognition and Voice Integration. We feel proud to announce that we have produced electronic systems for India’s First Tabletop fully automatic Dosa vending machine. In our mixed bag, we have also developed unprecedented Dough Bot vending machines.

We help OEM’s who make Machines in the food and beverage sectors. Brainchild Technology gives the most rugged and innovative Electronic control systems. We help to digitally transform your machines by making them smart and connected.

Hot & Cold Beverages Vending Machines

Brainchild Technology has designed electronic controls for innumerable Hot Beverage Vending Machine models like Premix, Fresh beans-to-cup (B2C) Based Coffee, Fresh Filter Coffee, and Tea Machines. Also, our company has developed Ice Bank controls for Cold beverage dispensers. Some pivotal call attention to of our products in this niche are listed below:

  • We are Proud that More than 110K of our Electronic Control systems are Making Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso, and Americano in India and Abroad.
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  • Advanced user interface capabilities using Capacitive Touch Based10.1inch TFT, 14-inch TFT, 21 Inch TFT with advanced graphics enabled with Android or Linux System.
  • Customer Engagement with the machine is Integrated through Google, Amazon Voice, or any third-party NLP (National Language Processing).
  • Customer Authentication using Face recognition.
  • The additional revenue stream for OEMs through advertisement and media Management.
  • Connected Vending machines for complete insight of Machine Health Status, Beverage consumption status, refill notifications, predictive maintenance, etc are taken care of Automatically.

Dosa Making Machine (Fully Automatic)

Brainchild Technology feels gratified to have invented and executed electronic controls for India’s first fully automatic DOSA vending machine integrated with IoT. The connected machines come with user-friendly configurable settings. Some nuances of this product are listed below:

  • Accurate machine control speed controls help to dispense 60 dosa’s in an hour with the same quality and crispness throughout.
  • Consumers can choose from more than 10 varieties of Dosa.
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  • Sensor integration to check and indicate the availability of Oil and Water.
  • Sensors to indicate refilling of oil, water, and batter tanks.
  • Complete Machine Hygiene maintenance notifications.
  • Notifications are sent for cleaning through SMS based on machine usage.

Dough Bot Roti Maker (Fully Automatic)

Brainchild Technology has designed industry-leading electronic controls for India’s first fully automatic roti and dough ball-making machines. Our electronic controls help you with the perfect usage of Atta, water, and oil in the mixing process. Some exigent vignettes of this product are listed below:

  • Electronic Pump controls for oil and water pouring.
  • Electronic Stirrer and Mixer Motor for Atta mixing with a perfect blend of oil, water, and Atta to mix the dough.
  • Our controls ensure the softness of the dough.
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  • Electronically controlled A.C Kneader motor with various speed controls stirs the dough from the top in a clockwise direction, and a DC toggles the motor in constant speed to stir the dough in an anticlockwise direction from the bottom.
  • A stepper motor slowly moves the DC toggle motor in a downward direction and movement is slow and precise. The dough not only stirs but the formation of dough shape is within the prescribed dimension.
  • Once Dough is prepared it is transported by a belt to the conveyor. We place an IR SENSOR that senses the dough and switches on the Conveyor. Once the dough reaches the Press position the conveyor stops.
  • Two PAN heater electronic controls are installed, one is fixed and one movable. The pan is digitized in a way that it maintains the temperature at +/- 2 deg which ensures each roti is heated with the same temperature on both sides of the Roti.
  • User-configurable Setting with Graphical Display to select Mode for Dough, Dough+ROTI.
  • Our design helps customers with 2 parallel Dough preparation belts that increase the Machine output by 120 Roti per Hour.

FMCG Liquid Dispenser

Brainchild Technology has pioneered and earned the distinction of deploying India’s First Fully Automatic Liquid Dispenser with 4 lane Options. This product is suitable for dispensing various products like Shampoo, Body Wash products, and Floor Cleaning Liquids. Our systems provide you with real-time consumption patterns and inform you with RESTOCKING and RE-ORDERING.

The prominent features of this product are listed below:

  • Centralized Control for defining Products and Pricing.
  • Consumption patterns monitoring helps plan the supply network.
  • Reduce New Sales Costs.
  • Reduces packaging Usage.
  • Promotes Recycling.
  • Creates space for brand visibility and goodwill.
  • The brand is associated with the Sustainability agenda & commitment towards REDUCED PLASTIC USAGE.
  • A smaller packaging cost is eliminated for high-volume customers
    Brings in a culture of “Bring Your Container.

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