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Brainchild Technology’s IoT Devices

Brainchild Technology’s IoT devices share the smart sensor data collected by connecting to an IoT gateway or any other edge device. This data is either sent to the cloud for analysis, remotely or physically. Our devices disseminate with other related devices and act on the information they get from one and twenty connected machines. Our IoT data quality defines Solution profitability to the clients.

We Make Assets i.e Machines, Appliances, Vehicles, Equipment’s become brainier. Smart assets do not restrict themselves to functional smartness, but they also have the capability of sending reliable data, which helps one to make high-quality decisions.

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IoT applications rely on accurate data to provide their services properly. For example sensors in moving objects or the ones installed outdoors. Every hardware is exposed to deterioration and damage. Our Data scientists assess data quality by measuring objective features or dimensions, such as accuracy, record completeness, data set completeness, integrity, timeliness, uniqueness, consistency, precision, accessibility, and existence to prevent damage to the hardware.

Our smart sensors and controls are designed in such a way that gives it more capabilities to send the details from device-edge to Cloud-edge. The sensors send data either directly or through IoT-Gateway to the cloud to monitor Asset performance and make it more actionable.

We have an in-house design and development team to develop a Complete smart system compatible with IoT-edge, Smart sensors, IoT gateways, Cloud, and Mobile Applications, which is an ideal choice for the customer. We have a proven track record with respect to IoT technologies with high qualitative standards.

Our Design Expertise

  • Design robust IOT Smart Gateways.
  • Design and develop Smart Sensors.
  • Design and develop IOT smart Modules-2G, 4G, WIFI, ZIGBEE, BLE.
  • Smart IoT-based home Automations.
  • Smart IoT enabled Hot and Cold Beverage vending machines solutions.

Why Us when it comes to IoT?

We have designed and produced hardware coupled with software that is beneficial to our customers. Our solutions ensure you faster recovery of ROI and fast time to market. Some important features are listed below:

  • Extensive Connectivity.
  • Field Proven Hardware.
  • Industry Best Practices use case.

What we offer in IoT

Increase Operational Efficiency & Reduce Capex

Our systems provide you with deep insight on machine Health, and preventive maintenance. These strategies help you to reduce machine downtime, increase operational Efficiency and meet your SLA agreement with your customers.

Increase Revenue streams

Fuels revenue growth with connected machines and data services. Helps in Forecasting Sales and Predictive Market Demand for Products to procure inventory in time for upselling.

Rich Customer Experience

Through our industry-leading AI/Machine learning-based Natural language Processing (NLP) and Face recognition features, you can engage customers to interact with the machine in a more natural and sentimental way. This attracts customers to frequently interact with your machines in the market.


We understand the Customer Pain Points, analyze it, and give best-in-class solutions with faster ROI. Our Device Management solutions platforms are secure and scalable. Our company aims at a Futuristic Approach using AI/ML workflow.