Home Appliance

Home Appliance

The world is witnessing the emergence of new technologies and is rapidly adapting to them. Likewise, the next generation wants products that are smart and will shed the load off their shoulders. Brainchild Technology provides you with embedded systems that will not only make your products smarter but also efficacious. Our sagacious team builds products for the home segment which are easy to use and time-saving for home-makers.

Our innovation team has and is developing technology for smart products, that will help you disrupt the Home segment market. These products are different from the products available in the market and give you added advantages and more features.

Products we work

  • Smart BLDC FAN.
  • Smart Switches.
  • Smart PIR Detector.
  • Smart Plugs.
  • Smart Geyser.
  • Smart Wash Commode.
  • Smart IR-Blaster.
  • Smart Speaker.
  • Smart Sofa.
  • Smart Oven.
  • Smart coffee/tea maker.
  • Smart Water Purifier.
  • Smart Chimneys.
  • Smart camera.

Abridgment of our products

Brainchild Technology’s smart products can be controlled and monitored remotely through voice and mobile applications. The “WOW” factor in our products is that it reduces operating costs, is time-saving, energy-saving, user friendly, and ushers in a green revolution.We have developed a robust Cloud platform through which all devices once powered ON can be registered to the cloud and onboarded automatically. The customers get alerts, notifications regarding power consumption, usage, and energy savings.

All products are interoperable, irrespective of the OEM’S. The brainchild Technology platform can connect the OEM’s to the end customers directly for AMC. Customers can give direct feedback to the OEM manufacturers about the product. Customers can compare their monthly energy/water/Gas usage billings concerning each appliance and take action accordingly.

Brainchild Technology imbibes Digital Marketing and the OEM manufacturers can send promotional content such as Push Notification, Offers, Discounts on each product, and to the target audience.

We are Looking for OEM manufacturers to partner with us. If you believe Smart home appliance products are going to disrupt the Home segments and aggressively want to penetrate the Home segment market, then we are the optimum choice you can make.

Smart Cooker

Smart Cooker

We have earned the distinction of building progressive technology for a single cooker and up to three cookers. Once the menu is selected, the system notifies you of all the required and currently available ingredients. This embedded system uses Android OS. Some more magnificent features of this product:

  • OEM can remotely create Recipes and Push them to the machine with the click of a button.
  • Each Recipe Can be selected for a 1-40 Serve count.
  • The recipe will be mapped to the available cooker.
  • The cooking of a specific dish can be scheduled daily, Weekly, and monitored.
  • A 7inch TFT display for User Interface.
  • User’s get alerts of any refill suggestions on their Mobile.