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Superior Mobile Applications

Billions of users are connected to the internet using various devices like Smartphones, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, and many more. All information needed is available just at the tap on the screen. Developing a mobile app has to be given immediate attention by B2B, B2C, and B2E companies.

It enables new customer experiences, increases employee productivity, and helps in outsmarting their competitors. With a mobile app, companies can reach out to their target audience in real time. Brainchild Technology develops superior mobile applications that help you be ahead in the mobile ecosystem.

Our Know-how’s

  • We know how to secure all the data being transferred.
  • How to create a suitable User Experience.
  • Backend Integration and offline capabilities.
  • Best industry practices when it considers Data syncing, network issues, and device management issues.

Mobile Application Analytics

Adoption Influence

  • Keep track of total downloads.
  • Total number of app users.
  • The active user rate (the ratio of the number of app users to the total downloads).
  • New users (the number of users that first used the app during a period).

Customer Engagement In High-Value Activities

  • Measure what the customer is doing with the app.
  • Capture the user characteristics of the audience you’re trying to reach.
  • Collecting User activity data that will generate. revenue and brand engagement for your business.

User Engagement

  • The frequency of visits (the ratio of the number of visits to the number of users over some time).
  • Depth of visit (the number of screens viewed on average compared to the number of visits).
  • Duration (the amount of time spent on the application).
  • Bounce rate (the ratio of the number of user visits with a single view event to the total number of visits).

Customer Retention and Encouragement

  • Increase stickiness by staying relevant and up-to-date.
  • Capitalize on other channels so that you can advertise your app.
  • Get direct insight from customers on what they think about your app and its features.