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Complete IoT Ecosystem

Till 2018 we were providing only electronic controls And IoT edge/Gateway for the customers. With cloud computing gaining popularity customers find it difficult to get the developed Cloud and Mobile Application with a third party to monitor the sales made by the machine, machine health status, and more actionable insights.

Brainchild Technology understands the customer’s pain points and we have a dedicated cloud and mobile team to provide solutions for the complete IoT ecosystem. We have successfully delivered cloud and mobile applications along with our Electronic controls, where customers get complete solutions under one roof.

Brainchild Technology is a standalone company that provides you with a complete IoT ecosystem that makes your device smart and future-ready.

Hands on Expertise

Platform Technologies
Web Development​ JAVA, .NET
  • HTML + CSS3 + JavaScript
  • Angular 9 Framework
  • Modular structure
Backend Based Latest Technologies
  • Spring Bot
  • Spring JPA (Hibernate Based)
  • Mysql
  • Mongo DB
Framework AngularJS, React Js, Node Js

Why choose us when it comes to Cloud Applications?

Our experts help you with easy on-boarding of the devices with unmitigated security. Other key takeaways are as follows:

  • Device to cloud and cloud to device communication with complete encryption.
  • Automated scaling and no compromise in performance at scale.
  • Develop business-specific IoT Applications.

A sneak peek of what Brainchild’s cloud Application can deliver.

Connect Your Assets

Enables you to register Devices quickly and securely and connect assets with Device Provisioning Service.

Assets Insight

Collect asset data, organize it, visualize it, analyze it and then create Business Logic.

Operational Cost Saving

Device Monitoring and notifying its health status. Sending correct Alerts, SMS for a technician to replace Failure parts thus saving additional operational costs. Predetermined Alerts and Mails to raise sales orders and ensure inventory in time.

Team & Work Process

Team become problem solvers who bring judgement, imagination, and improvisation for agility and innovation Work processes become information loops enabling closed-loop feedback, precision control, and continuous improvement.