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Robust Embedded Solutions

We are one of the few companies that have proven skills and in-depth expertise in embedded hardware and software designing. With over one decade of experience, we have mastered and successfully used the mentioned technology/platform to deliver the most robust embedded solutions across various industries.

On Board Iris detection.
On board Face detection and face recognition for 500 people.
Finger Print Detection for more than 1000 users.

Our hands-On expertise

We work with Technologies
Microcontroller 8,16,32, 64-bit controllers from Renesas, NXP, Microchip, ST, QUALCOMM.
Microprocessor Single core/Multicore design, Renesas-G1E, NXP—IMX6, IMX7, Freescale. – IMX6, IMX7, etc.
Sensors iMEMS Accelerometers, iMEMS Gyros, Freescale Pressure Sensors, Temperature and Shock sensors with 16,20 bit ADC
Motor Control Design and developed Motor control with forward/reverse direction and speed control.
DC Motor 230vAC 1hp AC
AC motor Single Phase 12VDC TO 200VDC
Wireless Interface WIFI, GPS, GSM-2G, 4G, LORA, BLUETOOTH, BLE& classic, Zigbee, RFID.
Communication Protocol Rs232, USB, Modbus, RTU, SPI, I2C, CAN
BSP Layer Board Bring up, Bootloader, Device Drivers, OS/RTOS porting, OTA
OS Support Android, Linux—CIP, ubuntu, Yocto
Detection Systems Handled on Edge Device
  • On Board Iris detection.
  • On board Face detection and face recognition for 10 people.
  • Finger Print Detection for more than 1000 users.
Integration Milestones on SOM Boards We have successfully Integrated GOOGLE and ALEXA SDK on G1E SOM board as well as various IMX6/IMX8 SOM boards. It fine-tunes the Microphone and Speaker.

Salient Features of Our Embedded System Solutions

Porting Android/Linux OS

• Developing, porting secure and Custom Bootloaders for various architecture platforms. • Multi-media, Graphics Accelerator drivers, and development. • High speed peripherals Drivers and development.

Embedded Application Development

• Porting various Display systems such as X11, QT-Framebuffer in various Embedded platforms. • Porting and integrating of Various open source Applications • Media frameworks Customization using G-Streamer, OpenGL, OpenCV and standard Media Player. • Porting JRE and Java Embedded based development to various Processor platforms.

OS Performance Tuning

• Deep dive tuning of each component to reduce Boot time for Linux as well as for Android. • Performance tuning of each component to reduce the overall latency.

Testing & Validation

• Unit testing and complete integration testing. • Verification and validation using Gperf, LTP, GNU\EXPECT etc.